Delete Relationship Stress and Pain On The Spot


Eliminate Stress, Pain and Unknown Blockages To Your Relationship
Happiness & Health!


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Marnie led a FREE LIVE STREAM Demonstration where she took LIVE Callers with various types of Relationship pain and stress, and resolved them on the spot.

Watch this clip below where Marnie explains what you will receive in this program …   

Do You Ever Wonder Why So Many Relationships Deteriorate From Being Supportive, Harmonious and Joyful – to Contentious, Hostile and Stressful?

… And suddenly, each partner is criticizing and blaming the other

The unfortunate reality is that the vast majority of couples find themselves reaching a “ceiling” in their relationship, one that terminates the “honeymoon period,” followed by an increasing corrosion of the relationship the longer the couple remains together.

Go From Discontentment To Being
100% Infinitely Fulfilled!

What would it take to experience the OPPOSITE of this norm, where something shifts in your relationship that allows you to experience more fulfillment, harmony, contentment, mutual trust and neutrality than ever before?

Imagine Achieving Unconditional Love
And Sexual Neutrality So That Nothing
Bothers, Disturbs Or Annoys You.

If you are having problems with the following:

  • Achieving Self-Love and Self-Acceptance
  • Attracting the right person – making it easy
  • Experiencing certainty about taking the next step – is your current partner Mr. Right/Miss Right?
  • Resolving all manner of problems with your mate
  • Maintaining successful, meaningful and fulfilling partner relationships
  • Knowing when and how to end a relationship
  • Following a breakup or a current/previous divorce, deleting emotional trauma, resentfulness, bitterness, guilt, depression/sadness, confusion or betrayal
  • Delete grieving/experiencing guilt or lack of closure after the loss of a loved one
  • Experience that being alone does not equates to loneliness 


Based On The #1 International Bestseller,

Delete Pain and Stress On The Spot!


The Power of Deletion

Marnie interactively improves the listener in these topic-specific calls by deleting common blockages to relationship success. You will experience Results On The Spot!

4 Powerful audio activations (with focusing musical background) where Marnie guides you to delete your unwanted and limiting  attachments, and strengthens you for future improvements.

MAKING IMPROVEMENTS IN LIFE SHOULD NEVER STOP, and doing so continually via daily listening to Marnie's Activation audios certainly provides you with such an opportunity, one that requires little, if in fact any effort on your part.

The Self-Strengthening and Deletion Experience

4 Life-Changing and Transforming Audio Activations
From Marnie Greenberg

Marnie Greenberg directs you on a “Self-Strengthening and Deletion experience” designed to put the book; Delete Stress and Pain on the Spot in ACTION, and ensure results on the spot, for yourself.

Marnie will direct you using geometric figures to turn on your internal computer, optimize your physical intelligence, strengthen your neutrality, be in the mindless/spiritless state, program you for strong/exact insight and the ability to quickly compare the difference between strong vs. weak.

With accelerated speed, you will automatically connect with the right answers that will resolve your problem on the spot!

Overall, this action experience will RESET your mind/body/spirit, REPROGRAM your thinking, awareness, and perception and RESTART your relationships – without pain, illness or limitations.

Activation One

Self Acceptance & Unconditional Love

Activation Three

Financial Abundance

Activation Two

Sexual Neutrality

Activation Four

Final Karma Resolution 

Bonus Activation

Neutrality, On The Spot


What Is Included In This Package?

  • Four topic specific activation audios, with musical background (20-30 minutes each). Designed to be listened to daily so you always begin each day with a clean slate.
  • Full recordings of the four weekly calls that comprised the original 4 week Relationship clinic with Marnie. Included are the original weekly activations, and group deletions and strengthenings based on each week's topic.
  • An explanatory monograph in PDF format corresponding to each week's subject matter. Marnie clearly explains the processes behind strengthening and deletion, and and each week's topic issues are resolved.

The Activations Will Strengthen and Delete These Specific Issues: 

  • Achieving Self-Love and Self-Acceptance It’s difficult, if not impossible to attract and maintain a lasting loving relationship, when your self-worth unknowing is being sabotaged by a host of underlying weaknesses.
  • Attracting a Loving Partner Elevate your vibration frequency so that your higher frequency now attracts someone who resonates with this elevated frequency.
  • Should I Marry This Person? 

1.  Who can tell what the future holds?  Will I be blindsided by behavior I didn’t see coming?
2.  Learn which questions to ask about yourself, the results of which, strong verses weak, are critical to a lasting relationship with your prospective partner.

  • Maintaining a Loving Relationship After Marriage – from growing apart to disliking your mate’s behavior.
  • Financial Stress
  • Sexual Problems in Relationships

1. Loss of Interest
2. From Sex Without Intimacy to Sex with Intimacy
3. Suppressed and Repressed Sexuality
4. Infidelity Resolve Betrayal and Trust Issues
5. Neutral Sex-Natural Sexual Ecstasy

  • When and How to End a Relationship – Strengthening Current Problems Verses Ending the Relationship
  • Toxic Relationships – Breaking Out
  • Deleting the Negative Effects of a Breakup or Divorce on All Involved
  • Experiencing Closure and Deleting Grief/Guilt After the Loss of a Loved One
  • Being Alone but not Lonely

Not Sure This Program Is Right For You?
Here's What Others Are Saying …

"Your Programs Are So Well Done ...

 This Lady is a MIRACLE!”
Isabel Ferreria – Portugal

“My perception of myself has shifted, with more certainty about what it is that I actually want in an intimate relationship and life in general. Throughout this course I felt more centered and peaceful (that alone is priceless btw) and made decisions much more quickly as to what felt weak or strong.”

I.M   San Francisco CA

“Marnie, I could not sleep after our last clinic. I feel like a totally different person. Light, hopeful and strong. Like I want to take on new fun challenges in my life that would bring me joy.

I am Obviously writing more than I normally do, as I feel like I matter in this world now. I feel like I want to live life now. Karma being deleted huge. A big thank you!!!!!

K.H  Auburn WA

I feel so much better, more balanced and neutral!. Thank you so much. Now even my hearing has improved! I learned so much and am so grateful!

H.K  Sarasota FL

“My entire 4 week clinic has been outstanding. There are no words to describe all the amazing changes that have taken place (and so much more to come because of the neutral state ). Today, I am much more confident, my self-esteem is at an all time high.

I now know when I feel aches and pains in my physical body, I am in my mind and the only way to get rid of them is to practice neutrality… and I love and accept myself unconditionally. It works wonders for me.

I've also enjoyed not being bothered by things as I used to once upon a time. Priceless!

And it took only 4 weeks to feel the shift (s). I also enjoy the feeling of being spiritless and mindless… what a freedom.

Thanks Marnie for everything. I will always be grateful for what you taught me.

O yeah, one word to describe me today: boldness. I dare to do things that I was once too afraid to tackle”

J.B  Queensland, Australia

“Experiencing more calmness and balance in general.

Have used your example when something goes wrong to stop and take a deep breath and immediately go into correction mode.

Even if it is just to strengthen the midline, it is a big help during the day.”

J.N.   Southfield MI

“I felt a huge energy shift from the PDF's that came with this clinic. I am feeling their importance & power!

What an amazing job you have done! 

I am now expecting even greater shifts!”

C.H.   Concord CA

“Have had some energy highs. 

Pain in back is gone.  Feet not hurting.  Relationships got better then dropped off. 

Feeling stronger.”

J.H.  Seattle WA


What To Expect From This Program

All Aspects of Your Relationships Will Improve

  • Animosity, hostility, negative emotions, reactions and sensations attached to your past, current, and future relationship problems will be totally deleted from you to make sure they no longer impact your daily life.

Everything that stands in the way of resolving relationships will be deleted completely to give you a new, fresh start

  • Experience new insight and improvement towards problems with recurring relationship problems


Delete Relationship Stress and Pain On The Spot


Eliminate Stress, Pain and Unknown Blockages To Your Relationship
Happiness & Health!


Original LIVE Program Price: $697
Now Only $297*

*INCLUDES the FIRST Monthly Membership Call FREE ($97 VALUE)
New Members Only


What happens after I purchase?

Upon purchase you will receive an email with your ‘Membership' login information. Use this information to access the Membership Area where you will be able to access your call recordings, activation audios, and manuscript PDFs. The calls and activation audios are played as streaming files from the members area.

You will improve every time you listen, and it will increase the impact and effectiveness of the strengthening.


Not Sure This Program Is Right For You?
Here's What Others Are Saying …