Delete on the Spot Stress and Pain 

 “The Book in Action” 

Self-Strengthening & Deletion Experience 

“I love and accept myself unconditionally”


Marnie Greenberg directs you on a “Self-Strengthening and Deletion experience” designed to put the book; Delete Stress and Pain on the Spot in ACTION, and ensure results on the spot, for yourself.  

Marnie will direct you using geometric figures to turn on your internal computer, optimize your physical intelligence, strengthen your neutrality, be in the mindless/spiritless state, program you for strong/exact insight and the ability to quickly compare the difference between strong vs weak. 

With accelerated speed, you will automatically connect with the right answers that will resolve your problem on the spot!

Overall, this action experience will RESET your mind/body/spirit, REPROGRAM your thinking, awareness, and perception and RESTART your life – without pain, illness or limitations. 

Written by Marnie Greenberg, Co-Creator of the Yuen Method and Co-Author of the book Delete on the Spot Stress and Pain 

Program Length:  20 minutes 

Daily use: Specifically designed to listen to daily so that your day can start clean slate. 

Note:  This audio activation is included in the Relationship program, so if you have previously purchased the Relationship program you already have this recording in your members area. If you do not already have the Relationship program, and the 5 audio activations that are included, you may click here to purchase.

Price $47


What happens after I purchase?

Upon purchase you will receive an email with your ‘Membership’ login information. Use this information to log into the Membership Area where you will be able to access your activation recording. The activation audio is played as a streaming file from the members area.

You will improve every time you listen, and it will increase the impact and effectiveness of the strengthening.