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Do you ever feel that SELF-DOUBT STOPS YOU from making the best DECISIONS?

From trivial day to day decisions, to more serious decisions about your career, living, finances, relationships, etc., self-doubt ultimately leads to paralyzing indecision and creates even more frustration and fear. We end up like a hamster on a wheel, going around and around.


My client Sonja is here to share her story of how she went from mistrusting herself, to trusting herself, and how you can do this too!!

Sonja is a professional violinist, and joined my personal coaching program because she was feeling uncertainty in her life. She did not trust herself, and for many years she never had a clear feeling of what felt “right or wrong” and always ended up doubting herself. This led to endless “discussions” in her mind.

She was very hard on herself, thinking she had to put herself down to be able to move forward.

She felt she was always making mistakes, and constantly comparing herself to others whom she felt were more successful than her.

Even when she finally decided that she needed help, and joined my program, she immediately felt that she made a mistake and she said again, “this even feels WRONG”.

She said “I was really tired of not experiencing lasting change with other coaches and therapists and being told what I felt and thought was “wrong.”

I explained to her that I am not a typical coach or therapist who is going to advise her.

In fact, I do the exact opposite; I don’t give advice.

I strengthen your insight so that you are your own self-expert.

I delete weaknesses/blocks so that you automatically make the right decision with ease, and that leads to success.

The biggest problems most of us are facing are …

  • Getting the wrong advice  
  • Following a map/logical strategy that has worked for others

Both of these lead us down the wrong path, which costs us a lot of time, money, and aggravation.

The steps that others took might never work for you, and not due to any mishap, but because your own path is unique. The recipe with the exact list of ingredients to achieve your particular dreams or desires in each moment of your life is yet to be designed. Only your insights coming from your true self, by means of your physical intelligence, will dictate in each moment of your life what to do next.

We tend to forget our treasure resides within ourselves. So, we look outside of ourselves to see what others have done. In addition, if we forget that the compass is internal, we tend to trust our mental reasoning and our planning skills, dictated by our minds, instead of allowing ourselves to insightfully feel what our true authentic self says. This is how we get easily confused, and from there it is very easy to fail in reaching the promised land in our own special and singular way.

When you are DECIDING …

Who? What? Where? When? Why?


This is not something you will be able to do just by reading about it – rather, it’s an experience.

In my Monthly Membership, I assist you so that you delete your mind, and strongly connect with your physical Intelligence. This is a continual process of strengthening your insight (feeling, perception, and intuition) and deleting all weaknesses so that you automatically take the right action that leads to results.

Remember this is a process – there are no wrong turns … and like a GPS, you will immediately reroute.

Your true self will direct your way and lead you to your destination at each moment.

Life is a permanent evolution, either triumph or disaster are just moments, stages, not final destinations and they neither free nor stop us from deciding again – where do we want to go now?

So back to my session with Sonja … her only mistake was not deleting the actual fear of “Making a Mistake!!!”

In Sonja’s session, I identified that “Making a Mistake” was her actual weakness.

I Deleted all of the following:

  • Mistakes
  • Wrong answers
  • Misperceptions from others
  • Slowness of staying on the wrong path 

The only problem she had is that her internal computer was storing all these past negative experiences/memories which were directing her the WRONG WAY.

It’s just like having a virus on your computer – the same is true with our experiences that get stored in our cellular memory. You have to delete them.

We all have unique weaknesses/blocks that cause us to make the wrong decisions. So, it’s important to delete all that no longer serves your highest good.

Once I deleted Sonja’s weaknesses, I then strengthened her for decisions.

The best formula is:

Strategy + Strength = Success

 It’s all about strengthening you for the following when making decisions:

  • Strength
  • Speed
  • Agility
  • Endurance
  • Flexibility

Sonja now trusts herself and her ability to make all the right decisions, with ease!

Even if you are not a professional performer like Sonja or professional athlete, singer, musician, actor/actress, artist …

Life is a performance!

However, there are no rehearsals!

When your insight is strong, everyone in your life automatically plays their part like a fine-tuned orchestra. 

What would it sound like if your life was like a fine-tuned orchestra?

Remember, trust yourself, you are performing in every moment of your life.

If you have difficulty trusting yourself or find yourself doubting everything, I Invite You to Join My Monthly Membership Program. Every month I will delete all the reasons, causes, and sources of your problems in different areas of your life so that your insight is crystal clear – and you will know what feels right or wrong for you.

Thanks for reading this post.

Unconditional Love,


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