How to Change a Policy
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Have you ever disagreed with a policy, or felt a policy was unfair?

If yes, you must hear this story!

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Julie was freaking out about a school policy and felt she really needed to talk to me.

This is a perfect example of how I silently delete blocks – No need to talk to me to get the results you want!

You can see the outcome below, in the letter from the school, highlighted in yellow.

For confidentiality purposes, we blacked out the name of the school and other private content.

Julie‘s Story

Hi, I just wanted to share a crazy thing that happened with help from Marnie.  

My kids were going back to school in person and the school had this Crazy Policy, that you had to have the flu shot if you wanted to come back. And this is in March when it's not flu season. And even if it was flu season, there were very few cases this year. So, it just made no sense to me why the school would insist on the kids getting a flu shot, and I have no problem with my kids getting shots. I'm not anti-vaccine – they have had every vaccine they're supposed to, but just getting a flu shot in March, when there was really no flu just didn't make sense to me. I know a bunch of other parents were also very upset about it. And they had reached out to the school numerous times, sending articles about it, and just saying how they didn't feel comfortable getting their kid a flu shot. And they were just immediately getting back blanket responses saying this is the school policy, and if you can't get your kid a flu shot, then they can just stay on remote 

So, I logged into Marnie’s Monthly Membership portal. And in the magic box where members can submit issues every month, I gave her some names and just told her how annoyed I was and what was going on. I just asked her to open their minds and just be open to the idea and look into it. And what was going on with the flow instead of just being so quick just to email everyone. And I know they had 100 things on their mind, but I just thought it would be really helpful if she could just get in there and make everyone open to just seeing that there was really no reason for the kids to get these flu shots.  

So, I reached out to the school, and instead of getting that blanket email, they said they were going to get back to me and they were going to look into what I told them which was much different than what everyone else got. And this was on the weekend. And by Monday afternoon, an email went out from the school saying the flu shot requirement had been lifted, so no one needed to get the flu shot anymore, and that they had looked into it and because we were at the end of flu season, there was no reason for it. No one needed a flu shot! 

I was just in tears. I was so relieved. People were texting me like screaming so excited. I couldn't even believe it. So anyways, that is just one of the million crazy things Marnie makes happen, and I just really wanted to share this experience. Thanks!

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