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Including Loved Ones and Friends!

· July 20, 2021 · 31 comments

Even The Neurologist Was Surprised!

If you want to be FREE of all Pain, Illness, and Limitations – this is for you!

Skeptical? READ THIS!

On July 8th, in celebration of Independence Day, I had a Facebook free live stream where hundreds of thousands of our friends watched. Thanks to everyone who participated!

During the event, Janine called in and expressed to me that she was worried about her flu and COVID-19 symptoms.

If you missed it, you must watch the replay below, and see how quickly I deleted the true reasons, causes, and sources of what led to her symptoms in the first place.

Everyone always asks me what the results are following the stream?


She also shared how I deleted financial blocks in her husband and he changed from being FRUGAL to GENEROUS when it comes to spending money! And as a result, her BACK PAIN is GONE!

(Less than 10 Minutes)

Negative COVID-19 Test Result!

One week following this free stream, I sent out a blog on Wednesday, July 14th – Ignite Your Fire – and Janine posted her feedback. (below)

“I need to share from the last free live call session from Independence Day on July 8th. This is so strong in my life and has been a LIFE-CHANGER!

I had a Negative COVID-19 Test Result”: WHOOOOOOOOOO, just as Marnie & Dr. Yuen predicted!

I have never felt so “ON FIRE” in my 58 years!

I am on fire, STRONG!

My daily listening to the Self- Strengthening anf Deletion Activations, and the monthly membership calls – they all keep my fire burning stronger and stronger.

So many gifts from my membership with Marnie & Dr. Yuen, not only for myself, but from my children’s dramas settling, my marriage has more respect, my home has more light and love, my income drama is settling, and I feel less pain in my body.

The more I move out of my mind, the stronger and more content I feel.

THIS GIRL IS ON FIRE 🔥 WHOOOOOOO, can’t wait for more on tonight’s call.” 🔥


These life-saving results have not only been for herself, but also for her family and friends. Before the last membership call, Janine got Martin onboard and he did not even know I was processing strengthening and deletions on him.

Janine registered Martin for my monthly membership program, and inside the membership area, she sent in Martin's request on his behalf that stated the following:

“First of all, my husband's greediness with me has already reduced from the last call.

This left a huge gap to be filled this week with our housekeeper's son Martin who is 27, living in Malawi, who had to be medically airlifted to South Africa for life-saving surgery to remove two tumors on his spine that had paralyzed him.

My husband paid for Martin to be airlifted to South Africa and for the surgery to be done in a private hospital by a neurosurgeon for over 8 hours. (I am sending you this request on behalf of Martin as we have not heard from the surgeon and I feel that after writing this to you, I will get the call to discuss what has happened in the Surgery. We do not know yet if his tumors are benign or malignant, but have only been positive that we have done the right thing to help save this young man, and that he will have a miraculous recovery.) STRONG!”


My monthly membership call was on Thursday, July 15th – and below is Janine’s feedback that she posted after the call:

“Marnie, last night’s Membership Call was AWESOME!

I shifted gears today and had my first client call in this morning. Whooooooooooooooooo! FIRE Shifting Strong, and our ICU patient made it through another night. Whoooooooooooooo FIRE of my dragon burning strong! Thank you for the 100X strengthening – its Moved Mountains already!! I Love you!

I need to give you feedback on dear Martin, who has been through his Life-Saving Surgery in South Africa to remove two spinal thoracic tumors that had paralyzed him from the nipples down, and had started to stop his ability to breathe.

The Neurosurgeon did not have a positive outlook on Martins’s future and expected Lymphomas which he says have been there for some time already.

Martin came out of surgery on a ventilator as he could not breathe independently and was in a lot of pain. “Strange for someone that was paralyzed!”

On Friday, July 16th, they took him off the ventilator as he was able to breathe on his own. Whoooooooooo!

On Sunday, July 18th, they took him from ICU to the High-Care unit. Whoooooooooooo!

On Monday, July 19th, they took him to the Surgical ward.

The neurologist said, “This is divine intervention, Martin is Doing so Well, and they are so surprised at his progress!


Today, Tuesday, July 20th, Martin was strong enough for them to do the surgery on his very deep and infected bedsore at the base of his spine, from sitting in a wheelchair after he lost the use of his legs on the 2nd of July in Malawi. After surgery, he has woken up and told the nurses he is hungry! He can feel the side of his legs, which is a good sign for his spinal recovery!

Roll on solutions, Martin is ready, his mind is neutral and grateful for every inch of life he has been given.


It’s time to be FREE of all Your Stress and Pain!

FREEDOM to Choose Good Health, Wealth, and Happiness…

Every Day, In Every Way!

I want you to WIN every battle in your life!

And not just for yourself, but for everyone in your life!

One for all – All for one!

Make the one decision that will save your life, and your livelihood, at times you need it most!

Join Marnie's Monthly Membership!

Don’t let your mind stop you from joining!

Make it happen now! 

Don’t wait for the unexpected shit to hit the fan – START NOW!

Monthly Members –

I am blown away by all the feedback and success stories everyone in the group is sharing.

We are an undefeatable team! I can't wait to connect with you on the upcoming membership call!

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​​Marnie & Dr. Yuen Have Joined Forces ​
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I will strengthen your inner fire energy and delete all blocks so that you shine your light unabashedly and are undefeatable!

Yes! I Want to Go Beyond Infinite Potential!

Real People! Real Results!

Consistent results for everyone in the world!

If you missed my last blog, Ignite Your Fire Energy, On The Spot! Click Here and leave me a comment about how this energy makes you feel, or any story about how my monthly membership program has changed your life and ignited your fire energy – and you will receive 100X the Unconditional Love Wildfire Strengthening Effect!

Thanks to everyone who posted comments – this is the Yuen Method Kung Fu power of igniting your fire energy and directing the fire energy to where it’s needed most! Burning up all that no longer serves your highest good!

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Marnie, Amazing!!! I just registerred my son – please help him – he was in a car accident and can’t move his neck! I’ll be on the live call the 28th!! Thank You!!!
Work your Miracles Marnie – I need you!

Marnie Greenberg

I’m on it, Wendy!!! ❤️ Deleting his neck pain! Join me Live on the 28th! Love ya!


Hi Marnie! 😃 I Just watched that video – you improved the lady who had symptoms of Covid-19 which was outstanding, woohoo 🤠 and ignited that fire 🔥 like that of a dragon 🐲.
Thank you so much. I’m grateful for the Yuen Method Kung Fu – it is Awesome 🤠 and I sent you some Gordon dragon fire chi and a boosted Chi hug 😊 and today is the birthday of a famous recording artist Selena Gomez, and I have sent her a boost and chi hug on her birthday 😂

Marnie Greenberg

Thanks, William! Sending you another Chi Blast Your Way!! Have fun celebrating Selena’s Birthday!! Unconditional Love❤️


Really THANK YOU MARNIE for bring up this powerful energy right now and PRESENCE! Wonderful feedback shared!

Marnie Greenberg

T.S. Unconditional Love❤️ Sending you extra Strength and looking forward to connecting with you on the 28th!!


This sharing really uplifted me tonight to be soon better too.
Thank you, Janine, and thank you, Marnie, for having our backs.
Lots of love, Sandra

Marnie Greenberg

Hi Sandra, Deletions are in progress and process …. I’m on it!!! Unconditional Love❤️ Looking forward to connecting with you on the 28th!!


Amazing feedback Marnie! You and Dr. Yuen keep up the good work!

Marnie Greenberg

Hey Marcus, Sending Extra Strength Your Way!! Unconditional Love❤️


Hi Marnie
I have totally forgotten to mention that my dog’s nasty cyst behind her ear is almost gone!! I mentioned it in the chat during the call, and then it rather rapidly started to dry out and now it’s almost gone!!!
Lots of love,

Marnie Greenberg

Helena, Thanks for sharing your feedback about your dog. Awesome! Congrats on the purchase of your new farm!! I’m so excited for you! I also deleted the trauma in your dog from the electric fence issue. It’s important your dog is happy and comfortable. I listened to the replay due to the server and never miss anything!! More deletions are in process – July 28th!!! Lighter and stronger!!! I love ya! ❤️




Ps! My dog Thea is much happier, she is out and about and is coming when I am calling on her!!! She is following Roberts footsteps a lot and is very anxious when he is taking the car without her… but a totally changed dog!!”

Marnie Greenberg

Helena, Awesome!! Thanks for sharing!! Join me tomorrow on the live call!!! Unconditional Love❤️


Love the energy here! Way to go! Strong now and forever.

Marnie Greenberg

Monica, Sending Extra Strength Your Way!! Unconditional Love❤️


I was in tears reading Janine’s feedback, and her effort to save this young man’s life. I’m so grateful to our group members. Having this much concern for others! Marnie’s unconditional love everywhere we break free from only me! World, we feel for others! What a great place to be! Yes, Dragon Energy United! And we are breaking down limits to SUPER AWESOME levels!
Unconditional love to you and Dr. Kam Yuen, navigating for free from all external and internal barriers! Burn them down! Send ya love and blessings ♥️ And big hugs to Janine!🙏

Marnie Greenberg

Nadee, Thanks for sharing your thoughts! ❤️ Yes – deleting all limitations!!! Can’t wait to connect with you on the 28th! The synergy of our group is wildfire unconditional love – burning down all that no longer serves our highest good! Burn, baby burn! Unconditional Love❤️

Souli Yates

Wow! Amazing! The beautiful miracles that become commonplace within your awesome community. I love the synchronicity too. My little step grandson was here yesterday & today with the usual toddler snuffles. I was sitting here feeling a sore throat coming on, I listen to the video & boom! It’s gone! Love it & love you Marnie. I’m so grateful for your membership group, my life just gets better & better, thank you xoxo

Marnie Greenberg

Boom! You got it, Souli!! ❤️ Delete your symptoms on the spot! Woohoo! Sending Extra Strength Your Way!! Looking forward to connecting with you on the 28th!! Unconditional Love❤️

Travis Mckague

Funny, just won a gift basket of all kinds of herbal tonics from the health food store. I haven’t won anything since I was 13! An account that I swore had a zero balance had $700 dollars. Thanks Marnie for all the support! 💫✨💫🌟

Last edited 2 years ago by Travis Mckague
Marnie Greenberg

OMG!! Love it, Travis!! Thanks for sharing! You are a winner! Hilarious because you literally just came on the last call and shared about your new job and how we deleted all those financial blocks. Bring on the gifts lol!! Looking forward to connecting with you on the 28th!! Unconditional Love❤️


Marnie, synchronicity in timing of this blog. I just saw my neurologist and he said my brain tumor has not grown – in fact, it got smaller! I am going to celebrate. Words can’t express how amazing and magical you are! I’ll be with you on the 28th and forever! LOVE YOU! THANK YOU BEYOND! BEYOND! BEYOND!!!! This girl is on fire! 🔥

Marnie Greenberg

Brenda, Thanks for sharing the amazing news from your neurologist! 😃 I am so happy for you! Thank you for your time, energy, and dedication over the past year in the membership program. Unconditional Love ❤️


Ever since I watched the freedom day stream, my longstanding skin condition has slowly begun to improve. I’m still getting new infected spots. But the old ones have mostly closed up and stopped bleeding.

Marnie Greenberg

Ben, Thanks for participating! Sending Extra Strength Your Way!! Glad your skin is improving just from watching the free stream. For continual improvement, I invite you to join my membership so that I can keep strengthening your skin until it’s totally cleared up. Unconditional Love❤️

Janine Barnett

This girl is on FIRE  🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥 I pray that with Martin’s story and my sharing of your incredible healing of my family, your outreach is multiplied in more ways than you can imagine! Marnie, you deserve it all. STRONG  Thank you, Marnie, for my freedom. For the generosity of helping a young Malawian man make it thru to the next stage of his journey on this planet.  I and his parents are beyond grateful for your generous support of Martin, which yes would not be possible without your intervention  and synchronicity of life changes you have given to me and… Read more »

Marnie Greenberg

Janine, the group loves you and I love you!❤️ Deletions are in PROGRESS!!! You have a heart of gold! ❤️ As always, the strengthening and deletion continues – can’t wait to connect with you on the July 28th membership call!! Be sure to keep me posted with feedback – It’s a continual process where miracles are a way of daily life. ❤️ Thank you for sharing and being so open and receptive.


That is wonderful! The changes that take place. And to hear about the results, that all this is possible

Marnie Greenberg

Kjerstin, Love having you in the group!❤️ Sending Extra Strength Your Way!! Unconditional Love❤️

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