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How to Balance Your Blood Pressure, On The Spot!

Recorded Live in Los Angeles at Dragonfest 2019, The World’s Largest Martial Arts Expo. Are You Putting Yourself FIRST or LAST In Your Life? Do you feel PRESSURE from others?  Does this ring a bell?  If Yes, STOP what you are doing for 1 minute.  This is the exact...

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Grief is a Pain in the Ass!
How to Delete it, On the Spot!

Recorded Live in Los Angeles at Dragonfest 2019, The World’s Largest Martial Arts Expo. From a Pain in the Ass, to Kicking Ass! It​ was incredible to unite with all the undefeatable Martial Art legends in the world, and interactively demonstrate the principles in my...

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How to Delete Shoulder/Arm Pain
On the Spot!

Recorded Live in Los Angeles at Dragonfest 2019, The World’s Largest Martial Arts Expo. The Source of the Pain Is Never What You Think It Is! Na’ama fell eight years ago, and tore the tendon in her right shoulder/rotator cuff.    This caused her a lot of pain,...

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Extra Energy Boost
on the Spot!

This is a behind the scenes of my daily self-strengthening and deletion routine. Watch this video as I direct you the strength of Mother Earth, the mountains, and ocean energy, and delete all the toxic energy that no longer serves you, while I reboot your internal...

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Deleting the Medical Weight Loss Myth!

Ultimate Rejuvenation! Looking for the Fountain of Youth? Desired Weight and Ideal Body at Any Age! Ever Feel Like Achieving Your Desired Weight and Ideal Body Is a Lost Cause? Distraught from the constant yo-yo effect of losing/gaining pounds? Exasperated from...

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Are Financial Issues
The Cause Of Your Health Problems?

I’ll never forget the 911 call I received a year ago from Jane, the wife of my client Bob, who owns a very successful company. “Marnie, Bob is in the hospital. He has a 99% blockage in all four arteries, and is scheduled for emergency quadruple bypass surgery. The...

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Turn Your 2019
Resolutions Into Reality!

Now is the most critical time of the year – it's the start of a New Year. ​It’s all about Turning Your 2019 Resolutions into Reality! ​​​​​ The January 30th Monthly Membership Call is designed to Pre-Program Your 2019 for Abundance and Prosperity with Everything in...

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No! I Don’t Accept This!

If you have ever felt robbed, cheated, or experienced a loss of your personal power, this is a must read! How Andrea reclaimed her power in a REAL ESTATE DEAL and said “No, I Don’t Accept This,” and how you can reclaim your personal power too! Dear participants, I am...

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How to Delete Hip/Ankle Pain
On the Spot!

Recorded Live in Los Angeles at Dragonfest 2018,   The World’s Largest Martial Arts Expo.  The Source of the Pain Will Surprise You!  Marnie demonstrates on a massage therapist who recently underwent hip surgery, but is still suffering with pain.   The cause of the...

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Severe Hip Pain –
Now Able to Walk Pain Free!

From a Life Crisis, to Feeling Happy and Stable                          I'm Mary from Boston, where I am a musician, a piano teacher, and a Feng Shui consultant. I joined Marnie's program in the fall, both the audio and personal consultation, because I was...

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Dr. Verna Mackey Shares Her

Live, in action today, after a consultation with me, Dr. Verna Mackey shares her transformation ...   "I have studied every healing modality over the past 25 years and no one has helped me like Marnie Greenberg. I was working with traumatized children and I was...

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You Don’t Have to Be Perfect!

Do you feel confident and in control at work, but your personal life is a disorganized and chaotic mess?  Watch how Silvia was able to quickly turn her life around, and how you can too ... "As a global IT manager for a very large company that operates worldwide, I...

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Delete Doubt
On The Spot!

Do you ever feel that SELF-DOUBT STOPS YOU from making the best DECISIONS? From trivial day to day decisions, to more serious decisions about your career, living, finances, relationships, etc., self-doubt ultimately leads to paralyzing indecision and creates even more...

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OMG! The Roadrunner
Solved the Problem!

OMG to infinity! You gotta hear this crazy story!!! How can a ROADRUNNER solve your problem on the spot?  LOL! I was in a session with my client Kathryn the other day, and she was sharing all her magnificent life-changes she has had since she started with my programs....

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Free as a Bird –
Time to Spread Your Wings and Fly!

Watch the video below now -   A Higher Message for you ... from a Bird that got trapped in my house.  Crazy Story for YOU from a bird that flew in my home! A few quick questions for you …  Have you ever been suddenly STUCK or TRAPPED in a bad situation?  Took the...

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